Change ERP Bridge Agent path

NOTE: This is an advanced topic and during the following article we will assume the reader already has familiarity with CLI commands and operating system services management.

In order to change the ERP Bridge agent path you need first to stop the agent service.

Depending on your operating system you can follow one of the following guide accordingly.

Microsoft Windows

Go to the start menu and searching "Services" open the first result.

Now you have to find a service called "ERP Bridge Agent Service". It's possible depending of your current software version that the service name contains also an UUID corresponding with your installation ID.

Now, you have to stop the service by selecting the service and press "Stop" on the left window panel.

Now you have stopped the service you can edit the service executable path, but unfortunately, not using the GUI.

Open the CMD or the Powershell and execute the following command:

sc config <service name> binPath= <binary path>

The executable to select and use in this command is named "erp2hubspot.exe" and it's in the root of the agent directory.

So, if the service name is "ERP Bridge Agent Service" and your path to the executable file is "C:\example\erpbridge\erp2hubspot.exe", the command will be:

sc config "ERP Bridge Agent Service" binPath= C:\example\erpbridge\erp2hubspot.exe

If the command completed successfully, you can start the service again using the services window used before to stop but pressing the "Start" button instead.

You can also check the updated service path by reading the service properties after a reload of the services' window.


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