Environment Configuration

Microsoft SQL Server and Management Studio installation

ERP Bridge supports potentially every on-premises ERPs.

If you have an ERP based on Microsoft SQL Server (including Express version) or SAP Hana DBMS, you can create a new database for ERP Bridge on the SQL server or SAP Hana instance.

It's possible to use a docker container with a SQL Server or SAP Hana image inside.

If the ERP relies on a database other than SQL Server or SAP Hana, our recommendation is to use an instance of Microsoft SQL Server - including Express version - to create a linked server to the ERP database. In the table below you will find the official documentation for each database:

Database of ERP

Connector type

Documentation for create Linked Server


Microsoft SQL Server

DB2 / AS400

Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server


Microsoft SQL Server

Both SQL Server and SAP HANA do not need Linked Server to proceed.

ERP Bridge database creation on Microsoft SQL Server

After installing Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, we create a new database.

  1. Right-click > New Database

  2. In the Database name box, enter ERPBridge

It follows a diagram of how the integration technique via ERP Bridge works.

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