The Installation

In the following sections, you will be guided through all the steps required to create a new installation. If you find yourself stuck in a step or in trouble, you can always contact our support or watch our detailed videos (Youtube).

Before to go deep and create a new installation step-by-step, let's explain what an installation is for us and which concepts are behind this essential element.

An "Installation" is identified by a specific name, it correspond directly to an agent installed inside a server machine that works to manage Hubspot objects and database records.

Every "Installation" has its own properties, the most important are:

  • The name of the installation itself.

  • The access to your Hubspot account via OAuth authentication.

  • The frequency the software use to transfer Hubspot objects and database records.

  • A list of "Operation" objects, more of that in next steps.

At any time the user can delete the "Installation" object and all its logs and properties, obviously, this action is permanent and not reversible!

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