ERP Bridge

1. Product Access Control

A subset of ERP Bridge’s personnel has access to the products and to customer data via controlled interfaces. The intent of providing access to a subset of personnel is to provide effective customer support, troubleshoot potential problems, detect and respond to security incidents, and implement data security. Customer data is intended as:
  • preferences and settings of Installations;
  • preferences and settings of Operations;
  • names of columns of on premises’ selected software tables;
  • names of views of on premises’ selected software databases;
  • names of selected HubSpot objects;
  • names of selected HubSpot properties;
  • HubSpot portal ID;
  • HubSpot OAuth token.
ERP Bridge’s personnel will not and will never have access to:
  • on-premises database data;
  • any information of HubSpot account beside the ones stated above;
For data transfer policy from on premise application to HubSpot, please do refer to HubSpot data transfer policy directly (link - link).
Last modified 7mo ago