You may refer to HubSpot guidelines to uninstall the app from your account.

You may want to consider to kill all process, beside.


Delete application:

Search in the search bar for Add or remove programs, look for the ERPBridge app, click on the result found and press Uninstall.

Delete service:

Search in the search bar for Services and click on Run as administrator. Search for ErpBridge Agent Service, right-click on the following line and press Stop. The system will now display a warning dialogue indicating that the service has been stopped unexpectedly.

Now, to permanently delete the service, go back to the search bar of your computer and search for Command Prompt and select Run as administrator. Write the following line of code and press enter:

sc delete "ErpBridge Agent Service"

If you go back into the services application, right-click and select Refresh you will no longer see the ErpBridge Agent Service.

Open the file explorer and go to the following path: %appdata%

Delete the directory com.diemmea.erp2hubspot

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