1 - Default settings

In this step you have to set-up 3 important operation's properties:

  • The operation's name

  • The database table/view

  • The HubSpot object

For the name, there are not particular constrains, just try to choose a name more clear and intuitive as possible.

The database tables/views you see in the drop-down menu contains all the tables selected during the installation on-premise wizard. If you miss one or more tables, just run the installation wizard again and choose the tables you missed before.

The HubSpot objects you see in the menu are all the objects retrieved via API. If you don't see a particular object, contact our support, we will try to understand with you which eventual permission is missing.

The custom HubSpot objects are reserved to "Standard" and "Business" pricing tiers.

Do you want to try the sync with custom objects? Ask for a demo and a trial period via support form (https://www.erpbridge.io/support/), our experts will evaluate with you the better solution for your needs

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