4 - [DB -> HS] Associations

This step is optional and only for [DB -> HS] operations

In this step you are able to create associations between objects of the type you are trying synchronizing and a different one (E.g., between Contacts and Companies). You cannot associate objects of the same type because of limitations imposed by HubSpot.

The information required by this step is:

  • Destination Object: the object type which you want to associate the current object with.

  • Database Field: the database column name that will be used to retrieve the value to be used as the search value to obtain the objects to perform the association with.

  • HubSpot Field: the property of the "Destination Object" used to search matches on HubSpot.

Let's make an example:

Let's say for instance that you have deals in a database table like the one below and you want to synchronize them to HubSpot as Deals object. On top of that, you want to associate every deal with the HubSpot company write in the "CompanyName" column.



My deal

Acme Ltd



My other deal

Acme Ltd



Fantastic deal

Lorem Ltd


In order to do that, the association page will be like that:

  • Destination Object: Company

  • Database Field: CompanyName

  • HubSpot Field: Name

If you take the first row as example, after adding or updating the deal object as configured in Database Mapping step using the rules configured in Decision Rules step, the software will try to search (with exact match) in HubSpot companies if there are objects with Name property valued as "Acme Ltd". If the search return one ore more results, ERP Bridge will associate them to the deal object.

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