11. Server Agent

The agent installed by the “ERP Bridge Installer” it’s executed by the operating system as a service bind with the OS user selected during the installation and it has the same level of permissions. The software executes the connection with the ERP database using OIDC drivers accordingly with the DBMS technology selected during the installation wizard.

The agent send data to our “ERP Bridge” cloud API only for the following specific cases:

  • retrieve and refresh of HubSpot API auth token;

  • refresh of “ERP Bridge” API auth token;

  • retrieve the transcoding informations;

  • check of the last run to match the installation scheduler settings;

  • update of the last run’s timestamp;

  • send logs and telemetry.

The sensitive information retrieved from the ERP database are sent directly to HubSpot using their HTTP REST API without sending a single customer data piece of information to the “ERP Bridge” cloud API. The same thing is true for files, they are uploaded directly to HubSpot using the HubSpot “Files API”. Logs and telemetry information sent to the “ERP Bridge” cloud are free of sensitive customer data but maintain useful information about crashes, HubSpot API errors, malformed data and more. The logs are stored using AWS CloudWatch service and it is configured with a retention of 2 weeks independently of the schedule set, in this manner the user can be sure that nobody will have access to the logs after that short period of time.

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