2 - Hubspot Login

During this step you will choose the Hubspot account to connect the software with, basically, the Hubspot instance where the software will read/write objects when will be executed.

Note: In order to connect the ERP Bridge (or any Hubspot app) to an Hubspot account, you MUST be "Administrator" of that particular account. Read this (https://knowledge.hubspot.com/integrations/connect-apps-to-hubspot) Hubspot article to know more about that.

By pressing the "Connect to Hubspot" button you will temporary exit from our platform and you will see a list of all Hubspot instances you are administrator in. Here you have to check and choose the instance you want connect ERP Bridge to.

After that, you will see all the permissions the software ask in order to perform all the actions needed to read and write data (depending on your tier): read all if you are interest and don't hesitate to ask to our support if you have doubts.

When finish the authentication step and came back to ERP Bridge interface, you will see the Hubspot account ID and a "Connected" green label: the precedure gone successfully!

If you encounter errors, please, contact our technical support, they will troubleshoot the problem with you and they will provide you all the instructions necessary to perform the procedure successfully.

Attention: the account you choose here, is not editable! If you need to change the Hubspot account or you have selected the wrong one, you will need to delete and recreate the entire installation!

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